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DHArts Philosophy

Life is an artistic expression. Every movement, every moment.
Capturing and experiencing the moment is our duty and our joy.
Wring out every last drop from life.

Born amidst the serene landscapes of Finland and nurtured in a tapestry of cultures across the UK, New Zealand, and Canada, Dom embodies a global perspective that infuses his art with a rich tapestry of influences. As an abstract artist, Dom’s work transcends geographical boundaries, offering viewers a glimpse into a world where diverse experiences converge to create a symphony of colors and forms. Driven by the belief that energy in equals energy out, Dom channels his multifaceted upbringing into each original artwork, infusing it with a dynamic blend of passion, attention, and love. Whether working on large-scale canvases adorned with splashy acrylic expressions or exploring the digital realm, his creations traverse the intersection between the tangible and the intangible, captivating audiences with their vibrant energy. Having traversed continents and cultures, Dom’s art reflects a kaleidoscope of influences—from the rugged landscapes of New Zealand to the cosmopolitan dynamism of London, from the wilderness of Canada to the tranquil beauty of his Finnish roots. Each experience, each encounter, finds its way into his work, enriching it with a depth and complexity that resonates with viewers on a profound level. With exhibitions spanning the globe and collectors from all corners of the world, Dom’s art has transcended borders, finding homes in collections far and wide. Influenced by a diverse array of artistic luminaries and personal experiences, his work echoes the surrealism of Dali, the audacity of Damien Hirst, and the expressive fervor of Jackson Pollock, while also bearing the unique imprint of his own creative vision.